French bulldog Feeding

French bulldog is an outgoing breed of dog and requires attention from its parents. The dog is gentle in structure and loves the human interactions. Frenchies are delicate dogs and can’t do much of exercising or running due to their small nasal bone. They are susceptible to certain health conditions due to their genetic and body structures, but these things are not much affected by diet.

French bulldog can lead to a happy and healthy life with proper schedule for their diet. They should be served in a dish appropriate to their facial shape and structure as normal dog dishes might be uneasy for them to eat the food. Make sure that you buy the dishes by considering the face shape of the dog.

What should be the diet of French bulldog?

Ideally, Frenchies should be given meat based diet. There are many specialized dog foods available in the market and you can consult your doctor regarding the best meal for your bulldog.French bulldog FeedingDog food is not a balanced diet and you should also give home cooked food to your dog. There are no specifications for Frenchie food, but make sure that you are giving the healthy items for a balanced diet of your dog.

Give them enough water every day and select the feed which your French bulldog actually enjoys. There are dry food, commercial canned food and other meals available for Frenchies and you can bring different flavors to give them variable taste. The nutritional levels of food should be suffice to give energy to dog. There are combinational food items available to feed dogs with all the required vitamins, proteins, minerals, fats and grains.

Raw feed is also liked by some French bulldogs and they can easily eat chicken, beef, vegetables and fruits. Pick the taste of your dog by giving them everything in the beginning to develop better habits for the long run.