10 Facts about French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are lovable dogs having ninth rank as most popular dogs in America. Some facts about this breed are:

1) French Bulldogs have originated from England. The workers from England went to France and took their dogs with them. Hence, those dogs were bred with terriers and called French Bulldogs.
2) These dogs have big head and can’t swim like other dogs. They fear water and should be kept away from it to avoid drowning or any such problems.
3) Frenchies love to talk, but don’t bark much. They follow the gestures, such as gargles, humming, yips, yawns and expressions to convey their message.
4) The dogs are friendly and great companions of humans. They get along well with other dogs and housemates. The dogs don’t require a lot of exercise and can be kept in indoor apartments.
5) They have big ears like big bats or specifically rose-shaped in round shape. They look amazing and you’ll love cuddling their ears.

10 Facts about French Bulldogs
6) French bull dogs have FBDCA association in protest to the rose-shape of their ears. It was to prohibit rose-shape of the ears. French bulldogs actually have bat-shape of ears.
7) French dogs are loved by celebrities and are getting popular with their growing trend.
8) Frenchies are mostly born with artificial insemination technique. They get exhausted while mating and get hard time to reach their females. Females have to undergo cesarean delivery in most of the cases because dog can’t handle too much stress.
9) French bulldogs might appear hefty, but they are quite sensitive. Don’t yell at them as they might take it seriously and get emotionally weak. These dogs can be encouraged by motivation.
10) Frenchies have short snouts by birth, which can make them attain breathing problems. Airlines ban them for this purpose. They can’t bear much breathing pressure due to this issue.