French bulldog owners are often questioning about the right feed to be given to the pet and how often they should be fed. The quantity and frequency of food is essential to be known to the owner of Frenchie. The dogs weight between 15-30 lbs and don’t require much exercising. They can’t handle stresses and have lazy nature.

French bulldogs should be given highly nutritious food every day. Approximately, 3 cups of high quality food should be given to the bulldog with splitting of 2-3 meals pet day. In a way, frenchie should be given about 30 calories food per pound of the body weight. So, the idea will be calculated by the formula:

Weight of Frenchie (in lbs) X 30 = Total number of calories to be consumed

Adults require more calories than the baby frenchies. The dogs have flat facial structure and the nasal bone is also flat, which doesn’t require any kind of exercising or running on regular basis for the dog. Weigh the dog and observe it fully to make sure that they don’t go underweight or over weight. Take instructions from their vet to know about what all they should be given and get their regular checkups done for knowing more about the details about your dog.

French Bulldog puppy and Cavailer king charles eating from a bowl full of biscuits, isolated on white

General Feed structure of French bulldogs (per day):

Old French Bulldogs: 450-500 calories

Very active French Bulldogs: 850-900 calories

Adult French Bulldogs: 500-600 calories

Never forget to ask your vet about the dog, its weight and food requirements. French bulldogs are lazy and can easily become obese. You need to make sure that you are not feeding them every time and there is a fixed timing and portion for them to give food. French bulldogs can be given full means twice a day and most importantly, right food should be given to avoid any health issues.