About French Bulldogs

Scientific Name: Bouledogue Francais
Nick Name: Frenchie
Family: Mastiff (Bulldog)
Origin Years: 1800s
Area of Origin: England; relocated to France
Function: Companion Dog
Average Height: 11-13 inches
Average weight: Up to 28 lbs

French bulldog shares many traits with the English bulldog ancestors. They have muscular appearance, heavy bone structure, huge body and square head. It has soft wrinkles on skin; especially facial area and shoulders. The expressions given by this dog are curious and you will love them for the big ears. The movement is free and it is a great companion. Originally, these dogs were solid lap dogs, but now, they serve more as human companions.

French bulldog gives expressions like a clown and it is an entertaining dog. It looks big, but actually, it is very emotional by heart. You should not be harsh to them in any way. They are sweet and amiable creatures with a lot of love for their owners. They become a part of your family and you will be glad in their company.

The dog has no ability to swim and they can’t handle fearful situations. The big bat shaped ears are very impressive and nasal passage is narrow, which makes them hard to breathe. About French BulldogsOtherwise, the dogs are strong lap dogs and become your great friends. They are loyal and loving towards their family and you can trust them as babysitters for your kids.

Frenchies have their origin from the England and were relocated by workers in France. They got popularity in the new land and were mated with French breeds by the breeders to get popular as Frenchies. Keeping a pet is long term commitment and if you’ve planned to get one at your house; keep surety that you are ready to take care of them in the best way.

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