French bulldogs are lovable dogs having ninth rank as most popular dogs in America. Some facts about this breed are:

1) French Bulldogs have originated from England. The workers from England went to France and took their dogs with them. Hence, those dogs were bred with terriers and called French Bulldogs.
2) These dogs have big head and can’t swim like other dogs. They fear water and should be kept away from it to avoid drowning or any such problems.
3) Frenchies love to talk, but don’t bark much. They follow the gestures, such as gargles, humming, yips, yawns and expressions to convey their message.
4) The dogs are friendly and great companions of humans. They get along well with other dogs and housemates. The dogs don’t require a lot of exercise and can be kept in indoor apartments.
5) They have big ears like big bats or specifically rose-shaped in round shape. They look amazing and you’ll love cuddling their ears.

10 Facts about French Bulldogs
6) French bull dogs have FBDCA association in protest to the rose-shape of their ears. It was to prohibit rose-shape of the ears. French bulldogs actually have bat-shape of ears.
7) French dogs are loved by celebrities and are getting popular with their growing trend.
8) Frenchies are mostly born with artificial insemination technique. They get exhausted while mating and get hard time to reach their females. Females have to undergo cesarean delivery in most of the cases because dog can’t handle too much stress.
9) French bulldogs might appear hefty, but they are quite sensitive. Don’t yell at them as they might take it seriously and get emotionally weak. These dogs can be encouraged by motivation.
10) Frenchies have short snouts by birth, which can make them attain breathing problems. Airlines ban them for this purpose. They can’t bear much breathing pressure due to this issue.

Scientific Name: Bouledogue Francais
Nick Name: Frenchie
Family: Mastiff (Bulldog)
Origin Years: 1800s
Area of Origin: England; relocated to France
Function: Companion Dog
Average Height: 11-13 inches
Average weight: Up to 28 lbs

French bulldog shares many traits with the English bulldog ancestors. They have muscular appearance, heavy bone structure, huge body and square head. It has soft wrinkles on skin; especially facial area and shoulders. The expressions given by this dog are curious and you will love them for the big ears. The movement is free and it is a great companion. Originally, these dogs were solid lap dogs, but now, they serve more as human companions.

French bulldog gives expressions like a clown and it is an entertaining dog. It looks big, but actually, it is very emotional by heart. You should not be harsh to them in any way. They are sweet and amiable creatures with a lot of love for their owners. They become a part of your family and you will be glad in their company.

The dog has no ability to swim and they can’t handle fearful situations. The big bat shaped ears are very impressive and nasal passage is narrow, which makes them hard to breathe. About French BulldogsOtherwise, the dogs are strong lap dogs and become your great friends. They are loyal and loving towards their family and you can trust them as babysitters for your kids.

Frenchies have their origin from the England and were relocated by workers in France. They got popularity in the new land and were mated with French breeds by the breeders to get popular as Frenchies. Keeping a pet is long term commitment and if you’ve planned to get one at your house; keep surety that you are ready to take care of them in the best way.

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French Bulldogs

French bulldog has a history from the year 1800 and it was termed as companion dog. It has origin from the land of the England and the lace makers from France accompanied him. This dog is amazing for your family and will become your best buddy.

Adopt a Dog

If you are willing to give shelter to a dog, there are many adoption centers available and you can take the dog to care for them. Most of these centers depend on private donations and run for the betterment of dogs. There will be many adoption centers available in the city and they provide basic care, medical treatment, spaying/neutering and even training to the frenchies.

The availability of dogs change on regular basis and you can get information from their local office or website. The staff takes all the notes and gives postings on regular basis. You can view the dogs and make decision to get one at your home. It could be an adult dog or puppy and the adoption center will give you all the rights for the dog. Make sure that the dog you are taking is free from any claims on them. The health vitals and vaccination chart of dog should be provided by the adoption agencies to make sure that the dog is fit to be taken home.

Adoption of French bulldog

Your decision about adopting a dog requires long term commitment from your end. It is always great to become a parent to the needy dogs and take the decision with your family. These dogs require your attention, training and all the love. You can give shelter to a puppy or adult dog and become great parent to the dog. Bring them home and treat the adopted pet like your own child. Frenchies will be your great companions and you will enjoy being with them.

Rescue groups for dogs are the organizations taking dogs in shelters or adoption centers. These groups can give shelter and medical care to dogs. Dogs are always happier in foster homes with willing parents to adopt them to make them a part of their family. The temperament of dog also improves with the love and care given by the owners.

There are adoption events occurring at public places to aware people about the availability of dogs. If you are interested in any dog, which you’ve been looking for, you can get it from the adoption center. There are adoption websites available for Frenchies and you can even check their pictures online to get them home. Different breeds of dogs are available for adoption and you can choose the one you desire for your family.

Group of French bulldogs
Group of French bulldogs

Dogs on Foster pages are made available through applications forms. These forms are filled by the prospective owners and approved by the committee. Before applying, you need to make sure that you and your family are ready to take up the responsibility of the dog(s) and can fulfill all their needs. The foster dogs can be taken with all medical records to make sure that they have got proper vaccinations till date.

The applicants are notified when they are selected. There is follow up made by the rescue centers on your application. The temperamental and behavioral needs of the dog should be undertaken into consideration and then you should apply for the particular pet. Read all the details about the dog before applying for it and you can even talk to the rescue agencies to get more details. There are questions asked by the agencies to the people interested in any owner. Adoption can be finalized by keeping patience and selecting the best dog from volunteer organizations protecting dogs.

French bulldogs have sweet nature, but the breed has many chances for genetic deformations. The animals have long back, short nose, bat shaped ears and pushed in face. These features can cause breathing issues, eye problems and orthopedic deformations in the dogs. French Bulldogs have been reported to get joint problems in later age. Hemivertebrae is an orthopedic disease, which is inherited in many French dogs and it means the deformation of small bones in the backbone region of puppy into ‘hemi’ shape. This region affects the tail area of the dog. Multiple hermivertibrae can ultimately compress the spinal cord region and the puppy starts feeling pressure on its back.

There are several ways to overcome such issues. Mild pain can be handled with natural therapies, such as acupuncture. There is major surgery carried on for severest cases to reduce pain. French bullies are beautiful creatures and you will certainly get attached to your pet and take care of his health. There are X-ray examinations done on Frenchies and there are other diseases such as hip dysplasia and luxating patella are also common in the dogs.

French bulldogs have common eye diseases, such as retinal issues, eye lash problems, cornea deformations and a few dogs get cataract leading towards blindness. Some dogs have heart troubles also. Frenchies have allergies in skin due to their wrinkled skin. Most of the female bulldogs reproduce with c-section to avoid stressful conditions.

Common health problems with French Bulldogs

Some heath problems are inherited from parents, but treatment from the beginning can lead to better life for your dog. There are many other health issues created by environmental changes to these dogs. Keep the vaccination chart of dog regularly updated to keep them away from any diseases. Take care of the health of your French bulldog to avoid any hassles in the long run.

French bulldog is an outgoing breed of dog and requires attention from its parents. The dog is gentle in structure and loves the human interactions. Frenchies are delicate dogs and can’t do much of exercising or running due to their small nasal bone. They are susceptible to certain health conditions due to their genetic and body structures, but these things are not much affected by diet.

French bulldog can lead to a happy and healthy life with proper schedule for their diet. They should be served in a dish appropriate to their facial shape and structure as normal dog dishes might be uneasy for them to eat the food. Make sure that you buy the dishes by considering the face shape of the dog.

What should be the diet of French bulldog?

Ideally, Frenchies should be given meat based diet. There are many specialized dog foods available in the market and you can consult your doctor regarding the best meal for your bulldog.French bulldog FeedingDog food is not a balanced diet and you should also give home cooked food to your dog. There are no specifications for Frenchie food, but make sure that you are giving the healthy items for a balanced diet of your dog.

Give them enough water every day and select the feed which your French bulldog actually enjoys. There are dry food, commercial canned food and other meals available for Frenchies and you can bring different flavors to give them variable taste. The nutritional levels of food should be suffice to give energy to dog. There are combinational food items available to feed dogs with all the required vitamins, proteins, minerals, fats and grains.

Raw feed is also liked by some French bulldogs and they can easily eat chicken, beef, vegetables and fruits. Pick the taste of your dog by giving them everything in the beginning to develop better habits for the long run.

French bulldog is the middle sized dog having non-athletic traits. It is often mistaken with the English bulldog and Boston terrier. It is a miniature form of bulldog with huge bat ears. You’ll feel that the ears are chopped, but it is not the reality. The structure of head is flat and this muscular dog has flat body. The colors of dogs include varieties in white and fawn color. The average weight of dogs is 25 lbs.

Personality: French bulldogs are companion dogs having even temper. The dog is highly suitable for single person and loves individual care by the owner. It doesn’t bark much, but finds actual cause of excitement from the fun with its parents.

French Bulldogs Personality Traits

Living: French bulldogs can happily live in any kind of housing. The breed is actually suitable for urban life as there is not much space required to keep them. They can be easily accommodated in small apartments or houses. Frenchies don’t require too much food and can eat anything well. They should be kept clean, especially the face due to wrinkles on it. It has a flat face and nose due to which the dogs usually snore while sleeping. They can do anything to catch your attention.

History: In the early phases of 1800s, the English bulldogs were taken by lace workers to France and they were mated with the local breeds. This breed was mini form of bulldogs and attained bat ears with a flat face. The dogs grow quickly and established a great companionship with their masters. English people were happy to perpetuate this new breed and named it as French bulldogs. These dogs are fashionable and even kept by celebrities. In early phases of 1900s, Frenchies were considered to be the dogs kept by royal society and the breed still has popularity due to their cute structures and loving nature.

French bulldogs also have Halloween costumes to participate in the activities with their parents. Frenchies can be taken to parties and they can enjoy with you by wearing the great costumes. There are favorite costumes for these dogs and you can get them easily online or through market stores.

Top 10 Halloween costumes

1) French Bullie Wonder Woman: This is the best option for a female having sassy appearance and strong outlook. If you have a female frenchie and she is really a wonderful lady kind of appearance, it will suit her.

2) Batman Costume: This was the funniest costume floated on web on this Halloween. The frenchies looked amazing with batman dress and the huge bat ears looked superb. French bulldogs were looking awesome with black and blue combinational costumes. The dogs look adorable and cute in batman costume.

3) Snow White Costume: The frenchie girls with beautiful appearance can wear snow white costume. It will give her a cute appearance and she will appear like French baby in Ultra-White clothes.

4) Lobster Costume: This one has been in trend from a long time. Lobster costume is hilarious for French bulldogs and they look so cute while walking with that particular all-time favorite costume.

5) French bulldog Tortoise: The little dog with turtle on the top is an amazing view for animal lovers. You can choose the tortoise with medium or large size.

Halloween costumes for French Bulldogs

6) French Bullie Knight: This is the sturdy costume with probably faithful knight appearance. The dog will look royal in this costume.

7) Butterfly Costume for Frenchie: It is a hilarious choice for buttery females. It will give immediate appearance of a female frenchie and you will feel lovable look with it.

8) James Bond Costume: Make your boy like James Bond in typical black suit with tie. It gives an awesome appearance and makes the appearance of flat dog as a sharp individual.

French bulldogs are lovely creatures on this earth. You will love them for their loyalty and love, which is exclusively available for their owners. If you have kept frenchie at home, you will be well aware of the fact that these animals don’t have ability to swim. Hence, in case of bringing the dog near water (in any source), it is essential to purchase life jacket for the dog to keep them safe. These dogs have flat faces and bat ears and they can actually drown in water. The center of gravity of their bodies is dislocated due to big heads and they sink like rocks in the water.

You can’t take risk with the dog as they can drown easily without a life jacket. We suggest you to buy the best protective jacket for them, so that they don’t get their life in trouble. There are many options available for your baby frenchie and you can get the best quality jacket with best fit. Make sure that you read all the things about swimming with the frenchie. It is essential to take care of the dog even with life jacket and help them not to get drowned. They must be under supervision and you can’t take risk of their life by leaving them alone in water.

Buy Life jacket for your French bulldog

It is important for you to take the life jacket of appropriate size and shape fitting your dog in the best way. Too loose jacket will not help and excessive tight ones will be uncomfortable for them. Make your decision based on the real measurements. There are many companies tailoring the life jackets for your dogs with their exact specifications. Don’t compromise on the quality as these are anti-drowning sources to save your dogs from the water fears. Make sure that you follow everything in the right way and find the best ways to keep your baby frenchie safe.

French bulldogs are the best dogs having great love for their owners. You will love their companionship and adore these dogs for their amazing structure. As a parent, you should keep your frenchie happy as it is your responsibility to fulfill all their requirements.

These dogs are best for single people who live alone and need a company after job. The dogs can stay alone at house without their owners. You can leave them with food, water and their toys to make them feel great even when you are not present around.

The toys for your French bulldogs can be purchased from online stores or dog shops. You can even give them certain toy items for cost effective options. There are many options available and you can buy the different colored toys depending on your dog’s choice. Keep your French bulldog happy with toysThe toys are chewable and tested for animal friendly safe materials to avoid any problems in their health. The safety checks are meant for avoiding toxic substances to enter the body of bulldog. Dog lovers know the importance of protection of their dogs and hence, make sure that they buy the best quality toys, which don’t harm the dog in any way.

The categories of dog toys are:

1) Chewable toys: These are the best toys for teething and chewing purpose.
2) Throwing toys: Playing, tossing and fetching toys for fun-loving dogs.
3) Comforting toys: These are comfort giving toys for the dogs for relaxation of mind and body.
4) Interactive toys: Solo playing toys meant for interaction of new things for dogs. These are well suitable for solo-playing.

French bulldogs are playful, but they can’t bear too much of stress. They should be given the toys to play alone and you can even take up the toys to interact with the dogs while playing.